Can data be transferred to other databases or systems?

  • Yes, either by a CSV file or via an API.

Where is the server located and what are the backup arrangements?

  • CYA uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to store CYA data and house our software. AWS is a best-in-class, cloud-based, virtual environment that is known for consistent up-times, stability, and overall robustness.

  • The CYA database is backed-up and stored daily via two disparate processes: One process is called a “snapshot” and copies the entire CYA AWS infrastructure, to include CYA data and source code, and stores it within the general AWS environment; The second procedure is a daily backup of the CYA database (going back 30 days) that moves copies of the database to a secondary, secure, cloud-based, non-AWS environment.

  • Additionally, PQC has implemented AWS recommended Identity and Access Management (IAM) Best Practices in order to protect our AWS resources from unauthorised access. Data sent to and received from our website, mobile apps, and CYA database is encrypted using an HTTPS protocol.

What is the difference between an administrator and a user?

  • An administrator has full viewing and editing capabilities within your CYA database, they can also add or remove users and administrators. A User can see the full asset, location and service portions of your database, but cannot access the administrators module ie create or remove users, or edit the builders and settings.

How do I limit what data a contract service provider can access?

  • Contract service providers can only access the asset data for locations that they are assigned to. The administrator must manually add a contract service to that location.

Can I see how often a user has scanned or accessed the data?

  • The history module will allow you to see when an asset has been scanned and by whom, however you will not be able to have a record of when a user has logged on to the database.

If I remove an asset or location does the history stay in the system?

  • When an asset or location is removed from the CYA database, it will stay inactive in the background until you choose to reactivate it. Inactive records will not effect any data that is downloaded from the CYA database via .CSV file.

Which web browser should I be using to the CYA software?

  • The CYA Software is optimised for use with Google Chrome or Safari. We do not recommend that you use Internet Explorer to view the CYA software.