CYA Cover Your Assets is an asset compliance and management system designed to improve the quality of information across your business.

Ready to move past the spreadsheet? CYA software is here to work for your business.

CYA creates a digital link between your assets, locations, and service data. This allows your team to easily capture and manage critical data via smart phone and web app, effectively increasing the transparency of information and compliance within your business.

When you subscribe, CYA Solutions will clean and upload your existing data and customise the CYA taxonomy for your business and industry standards. Whether it’s construction, manufacturing, hospitality, research, or service and maintenance, CYA is tailored to you. This means that your information in CYA and other systems (such as accounting and plant management) can be exchanged through .csv files, or by creating an API.

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What does the CYA Solution Asset Management system offer?

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Asset Tracking

When you tag your assets with bar codes, the CYA software captures and maintains your definitive asset register, and ongoing updates create the permanent history of each asset, recording every action from a change of location or status to a service or maintenance action. Thereby providing you with ongoing transparency of the activity of your assets.

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Location Analysis

All assets are assigned to a specific location. You now have complete visibility to the value and detail of each asset in your business. CYA data provides visibility about how your business is allocating its capital, as well as detailing the operational status of each asset, and allowing for simple ROA analysis to manage profitability.

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Service Management

Schedule and assign preventative and reactive service and maintenance activities to each asset across your locations. The CYA service management function enables ongoing recording through attachments and notes, as well as costing data for each service activity. Utilising a traffic light system, your business will be able to maintain a view of all scheduled services and their current status.

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Employee Compliance

CYA has the capability to maintain all of your employee certifications, such as qualifications, training and induction certificates all in the one easy to access system. Importantly, employees will be able to update their qualifications and include these as attachments for easy access. Renewal of qualification and ongoing training requirements can be scheduled individually or across groups of employees. This ensures that your business continues to comply with both legislative and client operational requirements.

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Finance Compliance

When tax time arrives, CYA provides a verified asset list stating the value of each asset on your balance sheet, as well as its depreciation schedule. CYA enables your business to plan future capital purchases by identifying equipment by age, time in the field, service and activity history. To meet ongoing audit requirements, CYA maintains equipment specific data, including the notes, documents, certificates, and receipts attached to each asset, employee or location.

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Risk Management

For senior managers and directors within your business, CYA provides transparency of critical asset specific data by maintaining verifiable asset and activity records, including service history and employee qualifications and certificates. Executive responsibility is therefore demonstrated through a cost effective system that is auditable and can be interrogated. The CYA system provides a process that overcomes the significant risk attached to maintaining critical asset data in a spreadsheet format.

CYA verifies equipment, and then tracks where, when, how, who and why it is serviced.

Know Your Business

CYA comes with a web-based administration platform that allows you to view and value your entire equipment base easily and efficiently, helping you manage important business KPIs, and so you don’t invest in new equipment when you can easily locate idle or under-performing assets.

As CYA Admin, you can empower your staff and contractors to become a mobile field team verifying your assets as they go about their daily activities. You decide who has access, who can edit, add locations, modify assets, or simply scan.

The platform allows you to:

  • Produce a verified list of assets, locations and service calls for use in other places

  • Create a report that shows the total value of your equipment base, or break it out by account, machine type, or age

  • Review barcoded and scanned equipment and locations

  • Review exceptions, such as equipment that needs to be scanned (out of date) and equipment that last scanned out of assigned location

  • Locate missing assets by identifying the last location, date and time it was scanned

  • Locate non-working assets in repair depot or warehouse for deployment to the field

  • CYA creates a digital link between assets, locations and service calls