CYA creates a digital connection between Assets, Locations and Service, verifying critical details and revealing important data to ensure the ongoing asset performance and compliance.

Each asset gets a unique asset identification number, via a company branded bar code linked to the assets serial number, allowing you to track and maintain the assets details over time.

CYA enables notes and attachments, including photo’s and asset specific documents to be maintained for each asset, including service history and training records.

The system communicates time, place and urgency through the use of quick indicator lights. You have control over the timing and duration of the indicators.

The history of scanning of individual assets  is maintained within the system to identify  the accountability for the management of assets across locations.

Information is accessible from a variety of permission levels, including administrators, users and 3rd party suppliers. CYA’s search capability enables a wide range of analysis and reporting of activities across various locations


Utilizing your company specific taxonomy contained in multiple drop down functions, data can be downloaded from CYA as a CSV file or if required an API.

This provides the integration of data for use in other business specific programs such as accounting and inventory management systems.

CYA records a detailed history of data for use in future analysis. Histories are available from the Admin and Mobile consoles.

CYA provides an auditable and up to date asset register including asset name, location, value, depreciation and service history as well as related costs.


Want to know more? See the CYA software in action below.